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About Us

After attending numerous outdoor events over the years such as weddings, BBQ's, clam bakes, concerts, etc. We noticed that the trend to have outdoor events has increased due to the improved quality and comfort of provisions that is now available to make an outdoor event more enjoyable, even through adverse weather conditions. One thing that was noticeable was that as these outdoor venues became more accommodating the bathroom facilities remained to be the same plastic "port-a-potties". Until I attended one event that had a more spacious portable restroom that was air-conditioned, hot and cold water sink, mirror and lighting! I realized when you have a facility that looks and feels like a regular bathroom it is more refreshing to clean yourself up and makes the event that more enjoyable. That's why I have now started this business to help make your next event that much more comfortable and enjoyable!

Our units also come equipped with a fresh water tank for remote locations that do not have access to water but also has the option for standard garden hose hook up. The unit also has electrical hook up for 30 amp service, if 30 amp service is not available at your location we have "whisper" (quiet) generators that we provide for electricity.

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